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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Overcoming the Shame of Nakedness

Before the fall, Adam and Eve enjoyed constant face to face communion and unification with God, Creator of all. The more they communed with God, the more they saw themselves as being like God. They were naked before the fall, but they did not experience shame. Why? I believe it is because they didn’t recognize their nakedness because they were covered (crowned – Psalm eight) with God’s glory. God’s glory, being God’s nature, the essence of who and how God is. The more God spoke to them, they more they identified with God’s image and nature and the more God’s glory came into the Garden, the more it covered them. Only when they turned away from God by inclining their ear toward the serpent, did they realize their nakedness. Their shame was not in being naked – they’d always been naked – their shame was in SEEING their nakedness (recognizing, comprehending, being exposed as mere creations of God rather than children of Him). God’s glory no longer covered them. His nature (essence) came with His presence. Their shame was they didn’t anticipate losing their covering when they turned away from God.

The more we are in His presence, the more He covers us. The more He covers us, the more we see His influence in and around us (grace and favor). The more we experience Him face to face, the less we see of us and the less we realize our nakedness. It only makes sense to me that the more we are in His presence by communion and unification by relationship, the less we will see our nakedness and all that nakedness brings. Inferiority. Lack. Inadequacy. The more we are in His presence, the more we will experience and live out of His glory. His nature and essence will cover and surround us (wings and pinions- Psalm 91). Sickness and disease came along with death as a result of sin. But in the presence of God, sickness and disease have no power. Everything bows to God. Everything. Because of the work Jesus did in taking our sin and shame, and giving us His blood to not just cover, but to redeem, reconcile and restore us to the position and relationship Adam and Eve had before the fall, our nakedness can again be covered (crowned) with His glory and the world (those without the understanding and relationship Jesus paid the price for us to have) that so desperately needs to see God’s glory will be able to see it in and on us.

The Church celebrates your goodness, O God! Your Church gratefully comes into Your presence and celebrates Your goodness to allow – even invite us here. And Your Bride adores her Bridegroom. Amen.


Anonymous said...

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Lawanna said...

Did they become aware of there shame when they listened to the serpent or when they actually took action upon what he said? After they ATE of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which represents the law they became aware of their sin. Before that they had no knowledge what sin even was. We all are enticed by the serpent but we have a choice to act on what he is enticing us to do.

chaylife said...

Hi Lawanna!

I don't believe that Adam and Eve did not know what sin was prior to committing sin. Sin is defined as missing the mark. God gave them the mark in telling them not to eat from the tree and the consequences if they chose to "miss the mark" He gave them. They knew they were going against God's will and plan for them by taking the fruit from the tree and eating it.

I realize that you are referring to Romans 7; but if they did not know what sin was, that would make them innocents in sin. It was because of sin--their sin specifically--that they would suffer judgment. They had to realize they were sinning by taking the fruit God told them not to take. Otherwise their Father didn't teach them and we know that is not right. We are tested on what we have learned. We are tested on what we believe.

What Paul is saying in his letter to the Romans is that without the law, he would not have known lust was a sin. But Adam and Eve had God in their presence at all times. They did not live under the law but under the grace of God. He walked with them and talked with them continually. His Spirit was connected to theirs. They knew right from wrong and knew they were sinning when they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good/evil.

Yes, their sin was in making the wrong choice. Their choice came because they had knownledge of what the tree was and how it would affect them if they took it.

I hope this makes sense. I am not arguing with you, just saying I think they did know what sin was.