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Friday, September 4, 2009

What Will Our Prayers Accomplish?

One day, a young Peter Joshua decided not to go to school, but to go fishing instead. He sneaked off the road to the school onto a familiar and well-worn path to his favorite fishing hole. While leaned back waiting for fish to take his bait, Peter heard his father, Seth Joshua, praying as he came down the path Peter had taken to the fishing spot. Peter ran and hid behind some bushes and watched his father plead with God. Seth's prayer was simple, but heartfelt, "Give me Wales, God. Please give me Wales."

Later, Peter confided to his mother, "I heard father praying one morning and he cried and begged God, 'Give me Wales, God. Give me Wales.' What does that mean, mother?" His mother replied that one day he would understand.

Of course, that was one hundred years ago, and now we know the importance of those prayers. In 1909 the Welsh Revival came and thousands were saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit. It doesn't take great intelligence to reach God. It doesn't take muscle or grandeur or anything special to connect with God in prayer. It only requires a heart connection—your heart to His heart and a true desire for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

As I meditate on the prayers I've prayed for the twenty years I've known the Lord, I realize how wonderfully God has affected my life because of my prayers. I began praying for the sons my daughters would give me through their marriages almost twenty years ago—long before either of my daughters met and married their husbands. I prayed for them like they were my own sons—because in my heart they were and are.

The first son God gave me was Jason. What a son! Jason brought us faithfulness and constancy. He is still teaching us that love never stops. What a joy to have him as my son! Then God gave us Thomas. He has brought so much peace to our family. He has given us structure and calm. My son Thomas is a gift straight from the heart of God. Recently, God gave us Giuseppe. He has brought to our family animation and energy. He gives us spontaneity and affection that is beautiful. God gifts brought by simple prayers.

Would God have given us these sons if I had not prayed? Probably. But the fact that I did pray for them, makes me aware of God's presence and working in their lives and in the lives of their families. Whether we see the manifest presence of God there or not—we know—because we prayed.

In the last two or three years, I've heard a lot of the prophets speaking about more angelic interaction on the earth. Interesting. Because for years I have prayed that God would give His angels charge concerning my family and me—listing all of us name by name. And I know He does. I know there will come a day—if that day has not already come—that my children and their children will encounter angels and those angels will have been sent by God—because of my prayers.

God is not a respecter of people (Acts 10:34). If He will give Wales to Seth Joshua and those who prayed with him—He gives angels to my beloved. Because that is who God is. Aren't we glad?

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