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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers for Isabella Joy

Less than one month—and you will depart the warmth and comfort of your mama's womb and enter the world rich with activity and noise and love. You will leave the place where you began in love and where most of what you heard was your mama's heartbeat and voice –to hands clamoring to hold you and everyone's different idea of what you want, need or – yes – what you should do and be. Pressure. Such pressure for a tiny one!

So, my prayer for you, little girl of my Little Girl, is that you enjoy the time remaining in the peace of your mama's womb. God has said He knit you together while there. Beginning with—did you know—your hearing muscle? That is the first part of the human body that forms in the womb after conception—the hearing muscle. Isn't that interesting, Isabella? (I wonder if you, dear child, will enjoy my many bits of trivial information or if I will bore you with it? Time will tell.) The hearing muscle is the first thing to form and usually the last thing to stop living when the body dies. God intends us to hear. So, I pray for you, my baby girl, to have ears to hear what God says and the heart to follow fully after Him when you do—unafraid and unashamed. Not everyone will appreciate that prayer, but I pray it nonetheless.

Science also tells us that if we could take a mold of the shape of our inner ear, it is the exact same shape we are while in the second trimester while growing in our mother's womb. We are born to hear. Samuel's name means to hear with the intent to follow. I pray this same thing for him.

God says in His word, "before I formed you in your mother's womb, I knew you." I also pray that you never forget His voice and that you remain forever in tune with Him, just as you will be with your mama and daddy. May He speak mysteries to you, Isabella. May He speak mysteries and allow you to share His wisdom with the world around you — that the world around you may know Him too. God has said, "It is the glory (character and nature) of God to hide a matter and it is the glory (character and nature) of royalty to find it." He built us to find the mysteries He has hidden, Isabella. How exciting our God is! How fun!

I believe one of the mysteries He has hidden (but I found it!) is that the first thing He knits together while we are in the womb is the hearing muscle—so that we continue to hear Him as we did when He knew us before He placed us in our mother's womb.

God bless you little one. I love you.

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Under the Redbud Tree said...

Jojo... I love this post! It is the first time I have been to your blog. I did not know it was here ~ smile. How precious... how edifying. I love you.